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Spicy Mayonnaise

May 31, 2010
Spicy Mayonnaise in Shadows

I just keep reusing this old mayonnaise jar; it's the exact size to fit the recipe.

Spicy Mayonnaise. I really like mayonnaise. I don’t know why; I just do. It started with the “mayonnaise” of my youth – Kraft Miracle Whip, took a pit stop with Kraft Sandwich Spread, continued on with Kraft mayonnaise and almost ended after a brief vegan stint filled with Nayonaise. I tried making my own, but found I liked Hellman’s version better, and so that’s what I use today. I eat it on my sandwiches, with my fries, and sometimes right out of the jar. I have used it to bake a cake (it’s just eggs and oil after all) and even to condition my hair. But, my favorite thing to do with mayonnaise is to add heat to it–Scoville heat. Of late, the “foodie” trend has been to add chipotle, but my favorite way to spice it up is with powdered cayenne. Chipotle mayonnaise is quite delicious, but my cayenne kicks its butt in the heat category. Just imagine, cayenne pepper is 10 times hotter than chipotle which is a dried and smoked jalapeño!     Try it at least once; the process is quick. You will need:   

  • 1 cup of your favorite mayonnaise
  •  1 – 1 1/2 tsp. powdered cayenne

In a small container, stir together the mayonnaise and cayenne. Spoon mixture into a clean, small jar. Cover tightly and refrigerate.                     


Note: Cayenne gets hotter after you add it to food. So it’s better to start with a small amount. If it is not hot enough for you, you can always add more later. And, you don’t want your mayonnaise so hot that you can’t taste the rest of your meal.


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